The Coast is Clear and Ready for Your Enjoyment!

October 1, 2022

First, our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by the impacts of Hurricane Ian. We know all too well how a thriving destination resort and local community and economy can take the brunt force of a hit like this, as well as the personal tragedy that follows. We will all be watching, hoping and doing what we can to see those areas hardest hit in Florida recover and find their balance again.

With great relief, we’re pleased to let you know the island fared well as Ian passed us by to the northeast. Winds were blustery on the island and minimal debris fell from our trees. A light rain of 1.4 inches was recorded in our backyard. The most interesting thing about Ian is how cold the air has been. Most unusual, but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Our beaches held up remarkably well thanks to the Town’s nourishment project of 2017. The storm surge from Ian was forecasted to be 4-5 feet on top of an 8.7 foot king tide. I don’t believe we came anywhere near the forecasted surge and the beachcombers had quite a heyday following the storm.

Here’s to a safe and colorful Fall season!